Our Story

My name is Karen, and I’m married to John we currently live in Kent.

After working in such physical jobs, our children leaving home, and the loss of our beloved dog we decided we needed a break. So we are going to travel in our motor home, and house sit our way around Europe.

While i don’t identify myself as a writer i have always been interested in reading and writing, and other people’s ability to put pen to paper, and not sure that the words will come that easy to me so bare with me!……


Our Belgium adventure continues

Karen Mckirdy / May, 26 So as we cross the border back into Belgium it’s windy but the sun is shining. Temse is our first stop it’s a small town on the left side of the river Scheldt. Being a Sunday most of the places are closed. I wouldn’t say this is a touristy area but the bridge is interesting....Read More

Adventures in the Nether regions

Karen Mckirdy / May, 18 Not far from Ypres is the village of Harelbeke, it’s here where we spend the night. It’s a small site next door to the football stadium with its impressive sports area, football pitches, running and walking tracks. Next morning it’s finally stopped raining so I manage to walk one of the circuits....Read More

In Flanders Fields, Ypres

Karen Mckirdy / May, 16 The city of centre of Ypres, also known as Leper is very accessible so it was easy to find somewhere to park. We walk along the old city walls where we start to see some of the memorials. It’s a pretty town with lots of history, cosy restaurants and bars dotted around the main square....Read More

Our Travel & Fiction Reviews

In order to Live by Yeonmi Park

This is a searingly honest account of the horrors of North Korea and the desperation of living under a brutal regime. The appalling depths of inhumanity that exist in this world and the courage of some human spirits. What this author has overcome in such a short young life is beyond imagination for anyone in the western world....Read More

Her Ladyship’s Girl by Anwyn Moyle

I really enjoyed this book. What an amazing lady Anwen was. She was made of strong stuff but also had an innocence that was touching. It was a fascinating insight into times gone by. It just goes to show that if you work hard with enough determination, never presume that anything is beneath you, and have the courage to grab....Read More

The Tragedy Hour by Hour by Robert Hebras

Robert was one of the survivors from Laudys barn. After many years of silence, he gives an hour by hour account for 8 am in the morning. Robert was 19yrs when it happened his life collapsed in a few short hours, he lost everything, his family, possessions and every trace of his past. He tells of the agony and torment suffered by the victims....Read More

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