This summer I have had access to lots of different fruit and veg so I thought I’d write about something that interests me. I’m no Nigella Lawson but I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. 

Just some of the many fruits we have enjoyed this summer

Food is a staple in all our lives whether it be a home-cooked meal or a top restaurant it is something which brings people together, we all know what we do and don’t like. 

I, like many people, have become addicted to watching Masterchef, GBBO and Bake off the professionals. I’m also all too aware of being the ‘back street driver’ as I shout at the latest cake disaster, the raw offering or soggy bottom, no one wants a soggy bottom!!! 

I tut and shake my head at the tv saying things like, you don’t do it like that, confident that I would never,  put myself in that position of cooking  on TV. 

It’s so easy to sit and say I could do better when I have had many a disaster and poor old John has been my guinea pig. 

My disastrous Millefeuille

Cake is a topic, well Afternoon tea really is something I love a natter about especially with my friend Tracey. Is it homemade, good value for money, you can’t a beat freshly baked scone!

Plat du jour France

In the last few years I have enjoyed many Afternoon teas, visited a lot of farmers markets,  been introduced to Borough market in London and if a boulangerie  is mentioned , you can certainly count me in. They all definitely beat a trip to the supermarket. 

Afternoon tea with friends

When John and I decided to travel cooking was one of the things I didn’t want to give up. Ok, we have had the occasional ready meal or takeaway but mostly I prefer to cook. At the moment travelling  is our way of life not a holiday, so there’s no eating out every night, we have a budget to keep to.

Making use of the local Damsons

We have often been asked what types of meals we cook when away. Before we leave we stock up on store cupboard items which we may not be able to buy or may be more expensive such as herbs and spices. 

Shopping at local markets or if we are lucky at a house sit to have use of a vegetable plot, we then take advantage of the fresh ingredients. 

Treats from the Boulangerie

Over the last year we have had the opportunity to sample some lovely food either cooked for us by friends back home, people we have meet or places we have been to. I learnt how to pimp up a lasagna by Cornelia, Anne gave me the recipe for a fab apple cake, Jeanette made an amazing vegetarian wellington and I’ll definitely be giving Steph’s chilli ago. So I  though I would try and see if it’s achievable to make some of the things in a motorhome and share what I cook. 

And in turn I would love to hear about any recipes you may have.

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