After a busy couple of days and the temperatures rising, we are off to see our friends Russell, Sarah-Jane and their children, Emma and Max. 

John and I with Russell, Sarah-Jane and Max

They are spending part of the summer at Riviera del Sol, which sits midway between Marbella and Fuengirola. This area is a mix of residential and holiday homes. With lovely beaches and a walkway right to La Cala where the churros are cooked fresh to order. John, the president of the complex allows us to park the motorhome at the back where it will be safe. It’s a lovely friendly complex where other people include us in their holidays.

John and Russell at La Cala golf

So over the next 4 days, we spend time by the pool, Russell and John manage to wangle a game of golf whilst Sarah-Jane, the children and I go shopping. 

We love a foot photo

There’s also been lots of laughter, bad jokes, funny stories especially from Emma and Craig, beer drinking, pink gin, noughts and crosses, hangman, water hammocks, foot photos, pizza, a bubbly bottom and motorhome gate!

Paige enjoying a cocktail


A big thanks to Russell and Sarah-Jane for allowing us to catch up on our washing, charge up our phones and basically take over their apartment. 

Great evening at Mumma Nostras and funny stories from Craig and Emma

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