5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Kent

  1. Yes we are only 24 hours away from the handover..my wife has been doing a little jig at work today at the thought of moving into our new Bailey..I love the way kontiki’s are layed out, I’m sure you will have many more happy voyages in yours, 10 years isnt old for a Moho..I look forward to your new blog..take care Karen and John..all the best Liam & Lorraine x

  2. Happy New Year.. sorry for late reply.
    Hectic Christmas. We have a few plans for getting away in the Spring..More or less the same trip as you guys did..France,Spain, Portugal..we are thinking of heading over to Germany too and maybe the Scandinavian countries in late Summer..but first we are picking up our brand new motorhome this weekend on Saturday..We’ve bought a Bailey Approach Autograph 730 from Highbridge motorhomes in Somerset..handover is at 9am..so we are very excited about that..we have been after an island bed for ages, nearly got an Autotrail then we spotted the Bailey. Alas it’s been a sad week, sorting out our Kontiki..which has served us very well fulltiming these last couple of years..but after deciding we weren’t going to buy land in Portugal earlier last year we decided to treat ourselves to something more luxurious than the Kontiki, which is 25 years old , so she has had a good run..so yes, plans are afoot for this year..hope you and your other half, had a great Christmas and New Year..look forward to your next blog..in the meantime , all the best and take care..Liam & Lorraine Smyth x

    1. Hi Liam
      Happy new year to you both. Exciting times getting a new motor home. My husband as looked at other motorhomes but our Kontiki is only 10 years old, and there are so many things we love about, we are hoping it as a few more years in it yet.
      Hopefully I’ll get round to finishing my
      next blog in the next week or so.
      Look forward to hearing about your travels and how you get on with the Bailey.
      Take care Karen and John x

  3. And Merry Christmas from South Wales, from Liam and Lorraine Smyth..and Mylo the Maltese sends a festive woof woof.

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