Cabanes is our last stop in Spain before we go back over the border to France. It’s  an area that has a warm, pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round

Family run aire at Cabanes

In this small pretty village, we find a private aire owned by a Spanish family it as lots of space and all the facilities, basically their back garden. 

Village of Cabanes

It’s a Sunday so everything is closed apart from one bar where we have 2 beers, 2 cokes and 2 tapas all for the grand sum of €6. It’s here we meet Toby the boxer dog who is 7yrs,  out for a pint and a walk with his owner. It’s a quiet evening for us tonight. There’s only the church bells and a few Spanish turning up late that brakes the silence. 

Toby the Boxer dog

Our time in Spain is coming to an end. It’s been good to revisit places and to experience new. Soon as we crossed the border into Spain the heat and smell were all too familiar. Along with the loud drone of crickets, lizards running up walls and not forgetting the odd dead snake all bring back memories.

Of course, there are a few things I don’t think I’ll ever understand, the Bullfighting and the use of Donkeys to ferry people up hills in sweltering heat.  From reports I have read in local papers, even the Spanish are looking at these traditions differently now. 

Being in a motorhome as opposed to living here has been a bit of a challenge at times. Our motorhome doesn’t have air conditioning so during the heat wave we were literally melting in our seats. Security wasn’t an issue we had really considered either, having said that we didn’t have any problems. I think you just have to be sensible and go by your instincts. 

To hot to do anything

Spain as a country though is a place that moves slow and runs fast. It ’s beautiful, interesting, diverse with each region having its own uniqueness and contrasting scenery.            

Evening at the beach

With it’s bustling and modern cities attracting people from all over the world, to the smaller villages that offer old traditions. It has Roman remains, fabulous castles, some great cathedrals, lovely museums and mediaeval towns. 

The Spanish are late-night people, At times they can be loud to the extent you think their arguing, all trying to speak at once. We soon learnt to have dinner late otherwise we would be going to bed and whilst they are setting the table.

Another lovely sunset

Their love for food means rigid meal times whether it be Tapas or sipping sweet Vermouth at La hora del vermut ( Vermouth hour ), meal times are important to them.

They love nothing more than a ‘Feria’ they certainly know how to party.

And I totally get why they take a daily siesta during the hottest part of the day. There were a few afternoons where it was so hot we had an afternoon nap (a real Spanish siesta).

Enjoying Tapas

It’s a place that as so much more to offer than just Sun, Sea and Sangria. It’s definitely been kinder to our budget. So one day we hope to return but for now, it’s,  Adios for hora 

4 thoughts on “Our time in Spain is nearly over, Spain

  1. I see you visited Gibraltar with the picture of the rock.. fiercely British and long may it stay so


    1. Its over 10 years since we last went there so was interesting to go back. Not much as changed. I wish we had looked further around because the main square and street were so busy. We had forgot over the last few months how much an English pint and a coffee costs do that was a bit of a shock, we have only been paying a couple of euros. But pleased we went there x

  2. An interesting read Karen more interesting than alot of the blogs I have read. Hope you are having a restful house sit with your dashund.

    1. Thank you Sue. Johnny the Dashund is lovely. We have had rain the last couple of days, hopefully it will britghten up over the weekend. Hope the sun is shining in Knaresborough x

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