It’s less than 3 months since we decided the time was right for us to undertake this new adventure, but thinking, and planning is a bit different to actually doing it!

Since then we have given up work, told family and friends our plans which was met with support. I have yet to find anyone who is not excited for us. 

Our house went up for rent, and so the sorting, and packing began we have a 3 bedroom house that had to be stored into ‘The Dog House’ ( log cabin ) at the end of our garden, so it was a busy few weeks. 

John started on all the unfinished jobs around the house. Funny how an imminent move makes you do all the ‘I’ll do that later jobs’ now!  But we have lived with it for months but couldn’t possibly let a tenant! 

Packing Up

The final week before the move saw four days of packing, dismantling, loading, un-loading, cleaning, a final trip to the tip, and selling things we no longer needed, we are not affluent (unfortunately).

With the  contents of our home locked away, and the essentials for the trip loaded into the motor home we are now officially homeless. 

With the arrival of our new tenants it makes you realise its a lot to give up,
We have entertained so many so often over the years, but a house is just a house if its not made into a home, and there is no reason why a motor’HOME’ can not be as homely as a house. 

7 thoughts on “Packing Up – April 15, 2018

  1. Hey you guys enjoy while you are both young and healthy I think its a great idea

  2. Well done John and Karen,go and enjoy all Europe has to offer,good luck and please stay safe.

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