Thought it was about time I updated this blog so here’s what we have been up to, all be it the content of this blog is probably very similar to what the rest of the country has been up too. 

On Sunday back in March when Boris said we were to go into Lockdown are plans to possibly go travelling again soon came to a halt and with the UK’s coronavirus restrictions looking to last until at least the beginning May or probably far beyond in some form or another. 

One of many bike rides

Not being able to venture far or see many people didn’t really affect us too much after spending weeks in the Motorhome together. 

Amelia and I at the book exchange once lockdown was lifted

So for the next few months, we set about getting into a similar routine to when we are away; walking, cycling, reading and even attempting to grow our own vegetables. 

Its surprising what you can grow in a pot
We have had plenty of tomatoes

What we did find strange was begin so close to family and friends but not being able to see them.

The arrival of our Grandson Oliver whilst still in lockdown

Along with a group of friends I set up a Bake-off challenge being confined to fours walls was never going to stop us enjoying cake, Well apart from the flour shortage!!

My neighbour and I slept in our motorhomes on our own drives for the NHS big Campout. 

Amelia giving her approval

Our friends used our drive as a motorhome stopover on their way to France. 

Social distancing dinner with Garry and Steph
Aire de Wolfe for Garry and Steph

And I now have few new words to add to my words I dislike list – ‘the new normal’ and ‘Lockdown’!

This nationwide not begin able to do what we want has changed how we live our lives at this present time but as we start to emerge from the current situation I think this has to give everyone the chance to revalue how they spend their time. It might take us a few years before we all get back to how we used to travel but let’s hope it’s sooner because right now we have some particular places we would like to go!!

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