It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but the time as just flown by, with Christmas just a distant memory it’s hard to believe that nearly 6 months have passed since we returned.  It was lovely to see family and friends, and with everything exactly the same before we left, still 7 months isn’t that long for things to change that much. Everyone is following their same routines, the same social circles, so it was easy to fall back into our old life. 

With the motorhome parked on our drive, we continued to spend the first two weeks living in it, with Amelia our granddaughter visiting for tea and friends popping in for coffee I didn’t really want to move into the house, at one stage John thought I had turned into the Lady in the van. 

It was the thought of having to organise and unpack everything. Although I do have to admit, I was extremely excited to open up some of the boxes to see more than one pair of boots and different bags to choose from. 

Having said that it did seem quite an effort to get dressed up to go out after months of living in just leisure wear but it was good to blow dry and straighten my hair as most days I had resembled Wirzel Gumedge!

So back in our house it did take us a while to settle down and to be honest I’m not really sure John has but it was good to have time to reflect on our experience.

Back in April when we left the weather wasn’t always on our side. In France, we were meet with heavy rain and flash flooding, wellies were the last thing we thought we would buy, to 40-degree heat in Spain. The weather, of course, is uncontrollable and out of our control and in some ways influenced our overall experience. 

Which at times wasn’t all roses but we did have many wonderful days and visited so many amazing places. 

The larger towns were spectacular, and we saw  lots of chateau, rivers and pretty villages which in your minds eye take you back in time, but it’s the peacefulness of the countryside that resonates the most with us or is it  just our romantic eye that sees what seems to be a simpler life, who knows. 

What we have figured out is that travelling especially for an extended period of time does something to you that changes your views on all aspects of life.  It makes you stop and think. You realise how important time is, whether it be with Family, friends or by yourself it’s something we took for granted. 

It’s also given us the opportunity to meet new and fascinating people outside of our normal circle, we hope to return to see some of them this year. 

All in all, it was a great experience, so would we do it again. Of course we would, so with the contents of our house stored we are off to our first house sit. Let’s see where the coming months take us. 

Thank you for reading x

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while

    1. Hi Dave and Michelle

      Thank you. We have been following your blog and found the places you visited in the UK interesting some we had never heard, but it’s given us ideas for future.
      Karen and John

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